Elby-Produkter AB

Elby-Produkter AB produces different kinds of blister for food and industry products. Elby were established in 1965 with a vision that every kind of company should find their packing solution. We are still working after that philosophy.

Elby produces in food approved material, we produce in APET, PP and PS, our customs are mostly in Northern Europe, but we deliver all over Europe and some parts to Asia.

If you are looking for a tray, an insert, a lid, a foldblister, or any kind of blister,we can produce it for you. If we don’t have an existing tool for your product we can make one that fits your demands.

If you want to visit us in Jämtland you may perhaps also see a moose or a reindeer and in the winter our northern light.

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.